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Are they truly happy for you?

Some people ONLY complain when they get around YOU, because they don’t want to recognize what God is doing in your life… so they must STEAL the show, and distract all those who are rooting for you!

Looks like this:

God blesses you, elevates you, open doors for you, and it’s evident! Most who love you will recognize it, and mention upon seeing you.

Those who are rooting for you:

“Heyyy…. Omg! I heard about the job, the car, the house, the marriage, the business, etc… I’m so proud of you!”

The distractor:

“Hey… omg. Today is just a crazy day! Ugh. Nothing is going right. Ugh. I’m over it! Ugh. I’m so sleepy! Ugh. I don’t know what I want to eat!”

They really don’t have anything to make a big deal over, so they FAKE major over minor things. And never get around to congratulating, giving you accolades, etc…

This is because … THEY ARE NOT HAPPY FOR YOU!

And you have the authority to BAN anybody who’s not on board with you. Although I know you also have you to be careful of the ones who congratulate you too, because they could be a wolf in sheep’s clothing… but today… I wanted to help somebody who may be wondering why their “FRIEND” is always going through something, when they really are not.

It’s just that your blessing is big, and so they must try and diminish the moment. But listen here, you make sure you celebrate yourself, and don’t allow them to ruin what God is doing in and through you. Don’t forget to tell God “Thank you!”

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