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Updated: Oct 3, 2023

When the feeling of emptiness creeps up, you have to know what to do in order to combat it. The first thing is to recognize that you have been given the Holy Spirit, once you told God, "Yes!" Therefore, there is nothing "empty" about you. You have been sealed with a gift. You have been equipped to survive in this life. You have been empowered to endure, and overcome everything that you encounter. You are full of promises, blessings, and great things that came along with The Holy Spirit. The enemy will have you second guessing yourself until the day you close your eyes on this earth. But we can no longer give him that power, of deciding who we are. God already decided who we were, before forming us in the womb.

So hear this my friend! You are great! Your destiny is bright, and your future is fantastic. That feeling of emptiness is one of satan's ways to get a person who is EVERYTHING, to think that they are NOTHING. So what does he do? Start making you think that your gifts don't mean much, people don't want you, you are not smart enough, you can't measure up, and so on. The list is extensive of what He will try and do. But here is what you MUST remember, Ps. 139:14, "For I am fearfully, and I am wonderfully made." Make up your mind to tell yourself how great you are everyday...and what you bring to the table!

Lord, help my sisters and brothers to remember that they are great in God! In Jesus name... Amen!

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