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Don't fall for the Okie Doke (Gen 3:1-4)

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

In order to overcome satan's attempts to destroy us, it's important to understand his strategy. The first thing that satan does, is try to overwhelm you with questions about what God instructed you to do. But he often uses a person that is weak to bring you to a place where you are questioning God. If you notice, he speaks to Eve the entire time, asking her if God really said what he said about not eating from any tree in the garden. However, because she's not sure, she turns around and says, "God said do not eat from any tree in the middle of the garden." Please keep in mind, that too isn't what God said. God told Adam (The visionary, The leader, The One who was chosen) not to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, or they will surely die. Please notice that God spoke to Adam. Satan spoke to Eve. Eve wasn't there when God gave Adam those instructions. This simply means that, either he did not tell Eve what God said, or she didn't comprehend well. But whatever the case, she was the weakest link, and allowed satan to use her... Adam also took a bite.

This is not a gender thing at this moment. The weakest link will come in all shades, male or female. In most cases, it's someone who is close to you. We tend to let our guard down when we are around people whom we are closed to, and those we hold in regard. We become very relaxed and allow ourselves to take in their thoughts about our lives. Although understandable, we must remember God's plan and thoughts are not ours. Therefore, we must pay very close attention to what He said, and guard it with every thing that we have, so that we don't fall listening to someone else's voice. Satan is cunning and very smart, and we have to be able outsmart him. This plan will not work if you don't spend ample amounts of time with God, thus leaving you confused when you hear other voices telling you what to do; ultimately causing you to miss out on the plan that God has for you. A weak link will always show up when you are moving in God. They will be planted in your business, your ministry, your household, etc. As I previously mentioned, it's usually people whose opinions you respect. So that you won't be overtaken by a weak link... study! Studying will open you up to allowing the Holy Spirit living inside of you to speak, lead, and guide you even when you are confused.

Jesus shows us in Matthew 4, when He was in the wilderness, that we can overcome, by using the word to combat the enemy. We don't have to fall! Why? Because, Jesus showed us how to stand, even when He was weak. The enemy will come for you, when he see a weak place in your life. If he sees that your prayer life is weak, he will try and come that way. If he sees that your dedication to God is weak, he will try and work around that. This means that you have to study daily, and that the first thing you do every single time you are tempted is go to the word of God. The word will give you the strength that you need to overcome. After a while, satan will flea. When he does, do not look at this as, "It's over." However, you have to get in your mind... Let me build up some more of my spiritual muscles, and make sure my armor is in tact, so that I can dwell in VICTORY!

Lord, thank you for allowing your son, Jesus to show us how to overcome the enemy. Although Adam and Eve messed up, we were still given a standard to live by. I declare that we will shall be victorious in God, through your word. In Jesus name... Amen!

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